What are the Top 10 IP Booter / Stresser Services?

Are you sure the network or server your website is connected to is really secure or reliable? It may require a detailed analysis or calculation to make sure of this. There are various tools offered to carry out this analysis. IP stresser is one of the popular tools to measure how robust or durable a network or server is. What is done here is to measure how much of these the current server is capable of handling when a high number of traffic occurs. In order to perform this measurement, this tool performs a professional stress test.
This type of stress test can only be used by a person or organization for their website. This is definitely important to remember because there are many countries where it would be illegal if the same test was performed for someone else’s website. This may result in a fine.

1 –  Rapidstresser.com – the best ip stresser booter for ddos

Rapidstresser.com is more than an ip stresser & booter.You can start choosing among innovative Layer 4 and Layer 7 methods we have developed. We are ready to destroy limits with an average of 200-300 Gbit/s server capacity we have! Prepared for special servers and services, our methods bypass global systems such as Cloudflare, OVH, Blazingfast, and make you gain your goals!


  • Powerful Layer 4 and Layer 7
  • Bypasses Any DDoS Protection
  • High Network Capacity for Attacks
  • Good Panel / Auto Buy
  • Best Booter Methods
  • Fast Support 24/7
  • Fully Anonymous / Trusted BTC payment


  • Not Have Free Booter

What is Booter Service or Booters?

So what exactly do booter services mean? Booters can be defined as systems that cause services or networks on websites to crash in some way. The most important features of these systems are that they are used by people who are planning to perform DDoS attacks. Usually, people who carry out DoS attacks perform tests on someone else’s site through IP stressers. The website server, which cannot handle a high number of requests, becomes deactivated for a while. This situation is of course completely illegal.
These Ip stressers cannot be detected most of the time. Because they often use proxy servers in their working process. IP addresses are masked by Proxy servers. This makes it difficult for attackers to be found.

Is There Any Difference Between IP Booters and Botnets?

• There is a one and really important difference between IP Booters and Botnets. The botnet is not developed for use in malicious actions. Yes, these computer networks are used for internet attacks but owners are not aware of this.
• Booters, on the other hand, are tools that use botnets to initiate attacks on web servers (by attackers).
It is a very common situation that the functions of the servers come to a halt as a result of a very high rate of requests on websites. You can find the methods you prefer to protect your server or network from such attacks in our other contents.


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